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    FORT ADAMS, Newport RI

The investigation at Fort Adams, Newport, RI has been an ongoing one for going on four years, yet we seem to experience something new as time goes on.  A newly opened area, the kitchen area, and the renewed earthworks now add even more places to explore and interact with the entities residing there.

Activity includes physical interaction between investigators and a few of the fortress's less friendlier entities that have included pushing, gropes and a head-turning slap on one occasion.  EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is very commonplace with children and females seemingly taken center stage.  

Evidence still under review has included photographs, on several occasions, of three separate apparitions that choose to reside in what was the Junior Officer's Quarters, the North Case Mates and during the Summer Ghost Hunts fundraisers, a figure walking on the West Upper Rampart.  The latter is based solely on the anecdotal evidence of a fort employee,  but it still makes great storytelling.


  Coventry, RI

2006 marked the end of a three year investigation into reported paranormal activity occurring at one of the oldest house/structures in Rhode Island.

Asked by the curator of this fascinating venue at the time to look into repeated activity (activity that eventually caused her predecessor to resign her position there) which involved voices, objects moving on their own accord and reported physical interaction, we anxiously accepted the invitation.

Pre-investigation research included interviews with the Curator, her daughters and several members of the historical society who used the Paine House Museum as their headquarters. Interviews were also conducted with the firemen station across the street and the local police.

On our first night at the museum we quickly became aware that the stories about this house may be true. In less than four hours we had enough EVP to be evaluated than many cases before it. We were introduced to a young girl named Sarah, who throughout our time there made her presence well known. There was also a "darker entity" that would often combat our efforts; at one point psychically attacking a Medium to the point she had to be escorted from the house.

Mediums working with us were asked to describe the girl and using a facial construction program we regularly use called FACES (the same software used by law enforcement to create composite suspect images) the two Mediums interviewed came up with the same image. Several weeks later on a research effort using the society's library we found an old photograph of Sarah; matching the composites perfectly! Frustrating our efforts was the fact no other dependable information could be found on a Sarah Paine residing at the house other than the photograph.

Presently another much respected group has taken over the paranormal reigns at Paine House. We hope their efforts there will answer many of the questions left to be answered there.   Best of luck to our friends at RISEUP.



A three year investigation of this historic mansion was nothing less than amazing.  EVP evidence was non-stop and plenty of hard evidence supported the age urban legend that the former home of a murdered man was indeed haunted.

The true activity occurring on the property wasn't realized, however, until we turned our attention to the mansion's nearby carriage house; a brick structure that was, in our opinion, very much beyond the mansion's level of activity.  Activity that included on one night a heavy wooden window frame being hurled at three investigators barely missing them.  We hadbeen hoping for some "concrete interaction" that evening...be careful how you wish!


The Charles W. Morgan is a wooden, sail powered whaling ship built in 1841, now undergoing extensive renovations to make her seaworthy once again.  She is proudly docked at the Mystic Seaport located in Mystic, CT.   Her history includes extensive whaling expeditions to the far reaches of the world, so it's no surprise that the men who crewed her had their fair share of hardships.   Ship's logs tell of the many perils that the men had to endure including foul weather, accidents, drownings during the whale hunts, disease and even an account of a attack on the ship by cannibals.  

One of the more repeated ghost stories attached to the C W Morgan is that of a pipe smoking ship's hand dressed in period clothing below decks during tours.  It was only after an employee/greeter working at the seaport confirmed the stories by relating their own story of how many tourists commented about the reenactor regarding his costume and such.   He always thanked the guests, but knowing there were no reenactors working on-board the vessel began to reinforce the stories regarding it being haunted.

After receiving countless letters and emails from tourists visiting the ship and several employees as well at the seaport, we began the long process of getting permission to investigate the writers' claims that the old whaler was haunted.  We were finally granted limited access and investigated the ship.  During the private investigation we were granted after a media event, countless interactive EVP and visual phenomena confirmed that the whaler was indeed haunted by some of the men that manned her during the 18th and 19th Centuries.  Phenomena included the ship's bell sounding and a slicker clad man witnessed standing at the port rail; however the apparition was not recorded, so without reviewable evidence this frustratingly becomes another ghost story to add to the list, nothing more.

Danvers State Hospital, Danvers, MA

Danvers State Hospital, also known as the State Lunatic Hospital at Danvers, The Danvers Lunatic Asylum, and The Danvers State Insane Asylum, was a psychiatric hospital located in Danvers, Massachusetts.  TRIPRG knows it as the birthplace of our group; the result of a friendly bet between a Co-Founder and the group's present Director. 

The bet was simple (at stake a case of Budweiser), that Andy's then hardcore skeptical views regarding the paranormal would change.  They did, in a life altering encounter with a ghost that still resided among the deserted steel doors and padded rooms of a decommissioned Excitable Ward.  

The asylum no longer exists per se'.  It is now a condominium development and very little remains of the original buildings that once stood there.  If the theories regarding residual energy are correct, living there must be...interesting!