Quite often, EVP containing "growls" and other disturbing sounds are misidentified and can easily lead an inexperienced or influenced investigator down the wrong path away from a successful resolution of a private client's situation or a successful investigation.  When it comes to taking on private clients, please don't hunt...research and investigate! 

An example of this is the following EVP captured during our two and a half year investigation at the Governor Sprague Mansion in Cranston, RI.  The first (ORIG) is original EVP captured on analog during a session asking for a name during a period of high activity.    The "growls" and other noises were disturbing, but did not fit into the scenario supported by our past evidence and investigator experiences.  It was when we reversed the file that the true benign nature of the EVP was revealed.  The woman's name and other critical information revealed during the sessions were researched and it was confirmed she had been employed by the Sprague family at the mansion.