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We truly enjoy hearing from our visitors here, so feel free to send our Webmaster an email with your comments by clicking HERE 

Our Director tours the Rhode Island area all year giving civic groups, college and high school students entertaining presentations and lectures regarding our ongoing work in paranormal investigation and research.  His speaking schedule is typically full as of April, so we strongly suggest booking your event as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  If you would like to request a speaker to give a presentation or lecture, please CLICK HERE

When possible, we always like to bring along chosen non-members with us on actual investigations for educative purposes.  You do not have to be an actual paranormal investigator to apply for this unique opportunity, but we do approve applications for anyone looking simply to be entertained due to limited availability and a high volume of requests.  If you would like to apply to observe an investigation (restrictions may apply), please CLICK HERE

On rare occasions we open our membership to new members.  Prospects are chosen to be interviewed based on their ability to support our organization in it's endeavors and upon their skills and or experience in the field of paranormal research and investigation.  If you would like to apply to TRIPRG for membership, please CLICK HERE****Membership Currently Closed****

Many students come to us as a means to complete Senior Projects and do extra credit with real paranormal research and investigation as their chosen subject.  If you are a student interested in applying for our Mentoring Program, please CLICK HERE 

Interested in learning more about real paranormal research and investigation?  TRIPRG members are always eager to, as time allows, give classes on successfully capturing EVP, Photography and all other aspects used in today's investigative and research efforts.  Classes are for  five to twenty people and involve both theory discussion as well as supervised field work.  If you live in Rhode Island or in the immediate area and wish to arrange for a class, please CLICK HERE.