Welcome to the Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group and Society's official website, we hope you enjoy Your stay with us!

As the oldest continuously active paranormal research and investigative organization in New England, TRIPRG has been investigating paranormal phenomena for over thirty years.  Our proud tradition of educating and helping all those who find themselves in need of  this proven experience continues and is offered, as it has always been, absolutely free of charge.   Our membership is comprised of adult members who's various professional and religious backgrounds allow us the unique ability to relate with our client's needs in a professional, caring and absolute confidential manner that is second to none.

When a client contacts us for assistance they can be assured that our response with be swift and honest.  Not all cases are paranormal and often other natural causes are found causing the issue or issues we were asked to investigate.   If we do find evidence where paranormal phenomena is present, the issue is promptly addressed in a manner that is best for the client, with attention directed at not causing any more disruption in their lives as they are already experiencing.  Its is not uncommon at all that a client's concerns are easily handled with a single visit once our experience reveals the issue at hand.

As well as investigative services, we also offer upon request lectures, classes, media consultation and a highly acclaimed mentoring program for students.  Again, these services are offered free of any charges or fees.